Our sites

The biggest portion of our milk is produced in medium-sized family farming businesses. Immediately after milking the product is cooled down and stored in milk vats or stainless-steel tanks on the farm. Every day at least 50 tankers collect the milk directly from the farms and transport it to one of our production sites as quickly as possible. As each of the sites only specializes in a few products, it is possible to use state-of-the-art technology, allowing us to produce high quality goods while remaining cost-efficient at the same time.

The following applies to all of our production sites:
Our customers expect the highest standards when it comes to quality and reliability. Our ongoing, in-depth checks provide information about the product whenever it is required. A batch may only leave our premises after having received quality assurance approval. We consciously set ourselves these high standards because we owe it to our customers and our milk producers.


OMIRA GmbH's headquarters are located in the heart of Ravensburg, the city of "Towers and Gates" and thus also in the heart of the holiday region Lake Constance and Allgäu.

Ever since Dr. Fritz developed the continuous buttering process in 1941, OMIRA has been producing butter of the highest quality at its site in Ravensburg. Ravensburg was also the site where we developed spreadable butter with rapeseed oil, thus showing our readiness to explore new avenues and to satisfy our customers´ requests. In addition, production activities in Ravensburg concentrate on our 1 kg units of yoghurt which continue to be in high demand.

Milk powder production is another main production area of the Ravensburg site and established OMIRA as one of the leading manufacturers both in Germany and abroad.


Our Neuburg plant, in the heart of Bavaria, has a long tradition of manufacturing a wide variety of long-life dairy products, using state-of-the-art and fully automated systems. Alongside UHT and fresh milk, different varieties of cream and sour cream, Neuburg also specializes in premium puddings and desserts for the whole of Europe.