1929: The beginning

OMIRA was founded in 1929 at a time of severe economic crisis which hit farmers in Upper Swabia particularly hard. In southern Upper Swabia, where milk was in abundance, small village dairies had previously processed their own milk but were unable to cope with the requirements of nationwide commercialization.

As the farmers lacked the financial means, the founding capital (405,000 Reichsmark) came from towns, municipalities, industrial companies, banks and the local nobility – on the condition, however, that the share capital could be acquired by the farmers at any time.

In 1941, Dr. Fritz at OMIRA developed the continuous buttering process, which is still in use in today´s butter production. In 1939 OMIRA entered the world of milk drying, which turned out to be a landmark decision.

OMIRA´s catchment area has grown continuously as more operations have joined it and has always been centered on the key production plants. Important steps included, in particular, the incorporation of the Allgäuer Emmental Käserei (cheese dairy) in Neuravensburg in 1987, and the start of a cooperation with Bodensee-Albmilch in Rottweil in 1993.

Another key step was the cooperation with Neuburger Milchwerke in Bavaria in 1999. With the local site in Neuburg an der Donau it was possible to expand the production range to include several new UHT milk products and milk-based desserts.