Our quality assurance covers the entire manufacturing process right through to the final product. Apart from the raw milk it also includes all auxiliary and operating materials used. All process steps are monitored continuously by means of extensive tests, the results of which are fully documented. 

Our quality management system is certified to the IFS (International Featured Standard) Food version 6, basic standards required by most food retailers from their suppliers. Selected industrial products are also certified to Halal and Kosher standards.

Environmentally friendly production methods which conserve resources are of great importance to us. For this reason our two plants are certified to DIN EN ISO:50001:2011 – Energy management since May 2013, which proves OMIRA´s strong commitment to the responsible use of our valuable energy resources.

All quality and safety-related measures are documented in our quality management system, they are subject to constant refinement. Numerous external audits by our customers in the food manufacturing industry have acknowledged this.

Our quality management system is in an ongoing improvement process. We are eager to meet new challenges in our constant effort to improve our performance. We are well-equipped to fulfil special requirements from our customers above and beyond standard quality specifications. Recurring audits by our customer bear witness to this fact. Reliable quality is a result of consistent quality awareness of all our employees and the systematic application of quality standards on all levels.

About our certifications.