Products for industrial processing

OMIRA industrial products are also available on request with Alpine origin and/or certified kosher. Skimmed and whole milk powders are also available in "high heat" quality for special requirements for baby formula.

We are also happy to consider requests for the custom manufacture of dairy products and special tailor-made products for your own label.

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OMIRA Industrial Products

Milk Powder

Whole milk powder Bulk, big bag, 25 kg bag
Skimmed milk powder Bulk, big bag, 25 kg bag
Buttermilk powder Bulk, big bag, 25 kg bag
Cream powder Big bag, 25 kg bag
Reduced lactose dried milk product
(lactose content < 1.5%)
25kg bag

Butter specialities

Clarified butter Bulk, multi-trip transport box with heating element, 25 kg block
Butter 25kg block
Lactose-free butter* 25kg block

Cream cheese

Low-fat cream cheese 5 or 10kg tub

Liquid milk

Skimmed milk, whole milk, buttermilk, cream Bulk or steel container up to 1000 kg

*Lactose content less than 0.1g/100g