Cookie Policy

This Cookies Policy describes how cookies are used by the OMIRA GmbH on the OMIRA website and how you can enable or disable cookies.

We will not collect personal data about you if you have not given your consent.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is anonymous data stored on a computer, a tablet or a mobile when you browse the Internet, enabling recognition of the device you are using. Cookies are small files containing an alphanumerical string in which certain information has been filed in an open or encrypted manner. Cookies are sent from the server to your computer and stored there. They serve first of all towards identifying the computer from which a website has been called up. If you log on to a website, cookies serve towards notifying the server of the login and towards verifying the authorisation to call up a given page. Each cookie has an expiration date, after which it is no longer valid. However, this expiration date may lie far off in the future. Cookies can originate not only from the operator of the website but from third-party providers as well, for example when advertising exists on a page. Via your browser you have the option to have the cookies displayed that exist on your computer, to delete the existing cookies, or to set up the configuration so that not all cookies or none whatsoever are stored anymore. Deactivating cookies may lead to you being unable to make use of the full scope of functions on our website.

What are the cookies used by OMIRA?

We currently employ cookies on our website for the following purposes which ensure proper operation:

Third-Party ProviderCookie DesignationCookie Funkction
Google _ga
Analytic cookies supply anonymised data about the visitors to the website. These analytics cookies collect data relating to the use of our website, allowing us to produce website visitor statistics and thus to make changes on this latter in order to improve your online experience (see clause 3 in the privacy policy).
Matomo _pk_id.1.005f
Analytic cookies in the milk producer portal supply anonymised data about the users of the milk producer portal towards improving the portal offer (see clause 4 in the privacy policy).  
Session & Typo3 Content Management Cookiefe_typo_userThis cookie is a standard session cookie from Typo3, the content management system for this website. These basic cookies are essential in order for your visit to be pleasant and fluid on the website: they allow the Webiste to recognize you and thus keep your session open. In the event of a user login for a restricted area, it stores the User ID as a cryptographic value (so-called “hash value”) for corresponding database entry on the part of the user.
Cookies from Google products and services SID
Cookies for the integration of video formats and Google Adwords (see clause 5, 6 and 7 in the privacy policy):


You have, through the information banner that appears during your first visit on the website, the possibility to consent to the use of cookies for advertising purposes. Here you can control the registration of cookies and customize the settings.

Who can access to your cookies?

Internet websites can only access to the cookies they have stored on your computer. For example, if the computer company X saves a cookie on your browser, X can access to his own cookie but not to those of another company.